My name is David Miller and I am a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist in the state of Florida. I have a degree in acoustics and  applied music from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

I have intimate knowledge of how hearing instruments can help a person hear and understand speech better, even in challenging environments like restaurants, church, and outdoors. Because of my background, I have worked with individuals where a keen sense of hearing is not only a need but an essential requirement to do their job.  As a result, I have worked with professionals in the orchestral and symphonic arena. Many are now retired from major symphony orchestras from the USA and around the world. I am confident that if I can meet their standards then hopefully I will be able to meet yours.

I am a medical missionary with the MIMA Foundation. Myself, with a team of surgeons, physicians and other medical professional from around the USA provide medical assistance to those needing it most in impoverished third world nations.

I am a Florida resident since 1962. I live with my wife Judi and our two dogs, Gabi and Samantha. My interests include HAM Radio, building computers, playing woodwind classical instruments and listening to classical and jazz music. I attribute my success in life to hard work, the desire to continue learning and being able to have a sense of humor.




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